WSJT-X on the Mac

WSJT-X on the Mac

When I first started testing WSJT on the mac it was with the original version of WSJT (v.10) not the “X” version. This was working fairly well in with earlier versions of OSX prior to 10.12. I found this useful doc from ZS6TW on installing it under OSX. Once 10.12 was released something in the audio device probing broke and WSJT could not list the sounds devices. I was able to hack around this by trying device id’s and was successful (PITA). When 10.13 was released WSJT no longer showed the terminal window at run time but the program still would run.

Hello FT8.

When FT8 showed up on the scene I decided to play with WSJT-X. Everything seemed to work nicely on HF. When I started testing with 2M & 6M EME I noticed errors when the decode process started. The errors basically  complained that the CALL3.TXT file was too small. It took me a while to figure out where that file was located.

~/Library/Application\ Support/WSJT-X/CALL3.TXT

I use CALL3.TXT file. There are a number of files to select from but they are updated daily!

Now your WJST-X will have a current CALL3.TXT file with over 6000+ entries of active calls/grids. It’s VERY important that your TXT file is updated and that you add new calls/grids as they come up. This will help with decodes.


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