CY0S EME Plans March 20-30th 2023 (These dates can fluctuate)

CY0S EME Plans March 20-30th 2023 (These dates can fluctuate)

Update 3/25/23 – Internet good enough to post!

Things are going well, making 6M MSK, 2M EME, 70cm EME and some SAT contacts so far this week! I am very happy with the progress so far. Have had some equipment troubles but working them out.

I am currently running two stations simultaneously, 2M/432 on one radio and 6M(dedicated) on a 2nd radio.

If you want to work CY0S on 6M, 2M, 432 then I highly recommend that you join the Slack channel to be up to date with every band change, mode change, etc etc in real time. I also confirm your QSO’s.

Use this link to join: Join the VHF-Chat Slack group Once you are logged into the group, I will be in the #cy0s-2023-dxp channel.

Updated 3/16/23:

The CY9C team is still on track to be on Sable Island CY0 ~March 20 through 30th 2023. This will be the largest operation from CY0 with currently about eight operators covering all bands from 2m through 160m. Our departure to the island from Halifax as well as our return can be delayed due to WX. It may also be possible that we are required to leave the island early due to imminent WX.

CY0S Operating QTH

To the best of my knowledge this will be the first 2M EME activation on CY0 to date. So this will be a ATNO for every contact made on 2M EME. There was a 2M/6M only DXP years ago that was all terrestrial contacts. If anyone has knowledge about previous VHF activities, comment below and I will update the page.

The three bottom pelicans have K3’s + KPA500. Top two pelicans have 2M/432/SAT/EME station. SportTube has 2 x 9 2M Yagi’s + 11′ Crossboom + Combiner + 432 15el Yagi. Box has SL-1 AZ/EL rotor, cables, LNA’s etc.

I will be operating from FN93 and ONLY FN93, yes there are other grids very close but we are restricted to a small area to operate from. WX is a BIG concern on Sable. Recent days have shown sustained winds over 50MPH. I may have to QRT operations when WX conditions become too much of a risk to have the array deployed. I will post these situations in Slack as they come up.

My priority will always be the moon, once the moon is set, then I will attempt terrestrial contacts on 2M and 6M. I will also be attempting some SSB only SAT passes when I can. If you want to know where I am and what is happening up to the minute, I will be logged into the VHF-Chat #Slack group, its free and really easy to use with a modern interface and many modern features. I highly recommend that you join.

Use this link to join: Join the VHF-Chat Slack group Once you are logged into the group, I will be in the #cy0s-2023-dxp channel.

I will also be on Twitter posting updates: @ww2dx

3/16/2023 – Current EME Plans

EME Operating Notes:
Grid: FN93xw
2m: 2 x 9 DUAL Yagi’s + 1KW + LNA + IC-9700
432: 1 x 15 el +75w + LNA + IC-9700

Q65-60A – I will be always 1st and 144.144mhz
I will have a small 432 Yagi with me for SAT work but I will attempt a number of small windows to work the “Big guns” on 432 EME.

I will be operating using a new BETA version of WSJT-X 2.7 which uses a new mode called “Q65 Pileup” mode on my end with Q65-60A. This mode is only enabled on my end but if you want an additional 3db of sensitivity (yes you do) you will want to enable “Special Operating Activity” in WSJT-X and call me using NA VHF, ARRL DIGI CONTEST or WW DIGI CONTEST modes to exchange grid squares with me.

From K1JT:

“If you will use Q65 and instruct your callers to check “Special operating activity” and “NA VHF”, “WW Digi Contest”, or “ARRL Digi Contest” on the “Settings | Advanced” tab, you will gain up to 3 dB decoding sensitivity by using WSJT-X 2.7 on your end.  Your callers can use earlier WSJT-X versions, say 2.5.4 or 2.6.”

On your end:

6M Operations:
Grid: FN93xw

3 Element Innov Yagi (Donated by WA1EAZ) K3 + 500W (Connected to HF station)

Due to weight restrictions we had to remove the dedicated 6M station. The 6M Yagi feed line will be fed into one of the HF stations (Electaft K3 + KPA500). This will most likely greatly restrict 6M activity due to HF operation. With that said, if 6M is very important, I highly recommend that you join the Slack group above as when I have opportunities between the moon passes and HF operation to operate 6M I will post in the slack channel in real time to the best of my ability.

Satellite operations:
Grid: FN93xw

IC-9700 + 2×9 Element 2m EME array + 15 Element 432 yagi

My priority will be the moon passes. Outside of 2m terrestrial, 6M terrestrial operations I will attempt to operate SSB only SAT passes. Again, if SAT contacts are important to you, join the Slack group to live updates on when I will be attempting passes.


If you work me for a new one, please post it in the comments below.

And as always, these DXP are not cheap, please consider helping us out with a donation.

I hope to work you from CY0S!

73 and GL Lee WW2DX

4 thoughts on “CY0S EME Plans March 20-30th 2023 (These dates can fluctuate)

  1. Hi Lee,

    Thx for MSK144 on 6m yesterday. You wondered about other CY0 activations.

    In 2012, I worked CY0/VE1AWW between Dec 02 and Dec 07 on 6m using three modes: FSK144, JT65A, and ISCAT-B. In 2013, on Oct 02, I logged CY0P on 80 and 160.

    I didn’t log any EME. I’m not sure if it was done.


  2. Hi Lee Many tnx for turning your 2M antennas toward me today. I am thrilled that we were able to complete an MSK144 contact. I belive this to be the first ever 144Mhz contact between VO1 & CY0 How’s that for a record!

    Thanks again and safe trvels home.

    73 Frank VO1HP
    March 28, 2023

  3. Hello Lee, how do you get QSL? I collect paper QSL only for new DXCC. I donated in advance, but I would still OQRS again for QSL cards.
    73`s Wini/DK5EW

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