CY9C Saint Paul Island NA-094 August 2016 ?>

CY9C Saint Paul Island NA-094 August 2016

This post will be updated continuously until the expedition is QRT. You can check out the official CY9C DXpedition Website here. [Maps] We are up and running! Pictures to follow or get live feeds from my twitter account WW2DX. 2M EME Contacts August 20, 2016  First MR. 0029 PA5Y JO21 -16 0040 VE1KG FN84 -11 (Tropo) 0055 RX1AS  KO59 -13 0101 OZ1LPR JO44 -13 0106 ON4AOI JO21 -16 0110 UR7DWW KN18 -10 0113 SP4K KO03 -16 0116 UA3PTW KO93 -15 0121 PE1L…

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#Slack for DXers ?>

#Slack for DXers

  Is it me or sometimes do we (hams) find ourselves in a rut spinning our wheels with certain technology? We are hams, thats what we do is communicate! My recent trip to J8 I was faced with a number of situations where I wanted/needed to talk to fellow amateurs who had more knowledge about a particular mode, radio, software, sound card device, propagation, etc etc but I had a heck of a time trying to find these people. I…

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J8/WW2DX Bequia Island NA-025 FK93ja ?>

J8/WW2DX Bequia Island NA-025 FK93ja

Logs have been uploaded to LOTW and Clublog. QSL CARD is being designed now. Any outstanding logging questions please contact QSL Manager Rex, NR6M. This was a fairly last minute expedition and had very little time to test the gear before packing and departure. Here is the 2m EME array setup a week prior to packing. All packed and ready to go! Arriving at the island. The airport at Canouan. We then took a charter over to Bequia, this is…

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S9TM São Tomé and Príncipe ?>

S9TM São Tomé and Príncipe

In November of 2015 myself, N2IEN, W2RE and KB2HZI decided to give S9 a try for our next radio excursion. This trip we decided to try something new and threw 2m EME into the equation. With only a few weeks before the trip I had to go into overtime to attempt to pull it off. I ended up calling Bill AA7XT from Force12 and we discussed my plans. Bill being an active EME’er he was more than helpful giving me…

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