2011 WPX SSB


Now that I have caught up on some sleep I need to post!

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Had the pleasure of operating with Ray W2RE and his XYL Lori KB2HZI this weekend.

Check out W2RE Contest Station!

We are looking for youtube video’s of our signal outside of U.S, if you have any please send us a link!

SH5 Log Breakdown

Here is the 3830 post.



Call: WW2DX

Operator(s): W2RE, WW2DX, KB2HZI

Station: W2RE


Class: M/S HP


Operating Time (hrs): 48



Band QSOs


160: 9

80: 464

40: 870

20: 1564

15: 1807

10: 63


Total: 4777 Prefixes = 1449 Total Score = 21,539,385


Club: Frankford Radio Club






Going into this we had one goal and that was to work as many EU as possible. We

figured US would just call us anyway and we would work them off the back of the

beams. Preparation started a week ago, I took my K3 and all the cables needed

and hooked the shack up, got the software all working, things looked good

before we left and it felt good knowing we could show up an hour before the

contest on Friday and start operating. Its a 2 hour drive from home to the

Catskill QTH so just after work we headed up. We went over the game plan just

before the contest and it was to work non-stop, make 4K q’s, have the highest

qso total on 40m and hit the 2nd radio as much as possible. Lori KB2HZI would

not only keep us well fed but also hit the 2nd radio maximizing the mults while

we tried to rest our eyes for 15-20min clips.




We took off running on 40 and yes it was a complete mad house and as soon as

the rate would start falling from the QRM we switched to split to the bottom of

the band and sure enough that was successful, rate back up, I think sometimes we

forget to do this since the BC’s have been kicked out of the band but it’s still

very effective during the contests. Ran through the first evening and headed to

80 ran there for a bit, strong EU and that 1000′ bev is just incredible.


By 0700z we were being called by VK/JA and we ended up running endless

VK/ZL/JA/BY/HL! Lots of VK#AAAA calls, I think the 4 letter suffix is Low

power? Wow!


20m opened up early about 4:30-5:00am but we didn’t want to move with the great

rate on 40 into AS/PAC so we stayed racking up the 6 pointers well into daylight

then moved on to 20m. We were not there long and 15 opened and did it open! 15m

was our money band by far this weekend. By late afternoon on Saturday we had

the top 5ele of the triple stack to AS and the bottom 2 at EU and we had q’s

from every continent all at the same time! A SV would call followed by a VK

then a JA then a BY it was nuts! The Asian opening was like nothing I have ever

experienced before. We actually “ran” BY’s, ?? I remember working a JA that was

30 over and asking him if he was LP or SP because we were getting the same sig

strengths in both directions and he replied and said “Both, I am on a dipole”

ha ha, yea conditions were good! As matter of fact looking over the SH5 log we

worked twice as many AS stations as SA stations!


One downer was late morning on Saturday when I was on the 2nd radio (K3) and

got too close to the run run radio and POP! 30db of attenuation. Overloaded the

front end, going to have to debug that this week :( I scrambled, grabbed the

spare 1000MP, hooked it up got the N1MM to do all the right stuff and back to

operating again! Rule #1 in contesting, have backup equipment!!!


I forget what time it was but Ray posted our score to getscores.org, well I

don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing because then AK1W posted and

I knew we were in trouble. New goal, STAY AHEAD OF AK1W! Congrats to K5ZD and

W1UJ for really keeping us on our game, it was really a thrill! Comparing the

band breakdowns were were neck and neck!


I had the WPX website up looking over the records (great website BTW) and at

the 36 hour mark we had 16mil. We could not believe it! It was a real honor to

pass K1LZ’s incredible score! No way would that have ever been possible without

these incredible condx.


Once we reached over 3000 q’s it was a real struggle keeping the rate over

100/hr we had a LOT of repeats on the exchange and it was even worse when we

were giving out 4000+ serial numbers. That really slammed our rate but I

suppose that is bittersweet :)




19% of our log was US and 81% was outside US. I think this is were the magic

happened. The times when we should have been on 40m with 6 pointers we were on

15/20 and working AS at a rate 2-3 times higher then what we could do on 40m

with the QRM so that made up for it. We shared the run radio 50/50 between ops

and really pushed each other during the whole test.


Also, like Krassy mentioned in his post, the LID patrol was really out this

weekend, I am not sure what is going on but we had some LID record our CQ and

play over and over, I think actually I want that to happen more often because I

was able to stop TXing and work all the guys responding to his CQ! Also, whats

the deal with guys showing right on top of you and calling CQ? I mean really

guys, seriously, we know you can hear us! Luckily that is short lived since we

just keep running over the top of you.


Additionally, thanks to all the EU/JA contesters, I think without you guys this

hobby would just about be dead. WRTC is a fantastic idea. I’m with K1LZ on

this, we need to do something here in US to increase contesting here in the

states, ideas?


8pm rolled around we were so hopped up on adrenaline we were bouncing off the

walls. Being up for 60+ hours with about 1 hour of total rest you would think

otherwise but that was not the case. We packed the truck, locked up the house

and Lori drove the 2 hours home. As soon as we sat in the truck we were out! I

never even remember being on the Taconic Parkway! Also there is nothing like

the sleep you get when the contest is over! Wow!


There are some really BIG scores being posted and looks like lots of new

records being set. There are big plans for the contest station at W2RE this

summer and we are really looking forward to the Fall contest season!


Thanks to Ray W2RE and Lori KB2HZI for a great memorable weekend. Always a

pleasure operating with you.


See you guys in WPX CW in 2 months!


73 de Lee




SH5 Breakdown:



Posted using 3830 Score Submittal Forms at: http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/


2011 NAQP SSB Contest

Call: WW2DX
Operator(s): WW2DX
Station: W2RE
Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Summit, NY
Operating Time (hrs): 10
Radios: SO2R
Band  QSOs  Mults
160:   45    18
80:  123    39
40:  338    46
20:  472    38
15:   21     9
10:    1     1
Total: 1000   151  Total Score = 152,000
Club: Hudson Valley Contesters & DXers
Team: Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
Hard to beat heading up the snowy Catskill mountains to a contest station @
2100ASL and playing radio all weekend ;)
Snow snow snow that’s all it seems to do here in Summit!
Not much of a SSB contester and I was hounded by WU2X to start a team so
figured 10 hours might be a good opportunity play in phone a bit. I have to
confess, CW is so much better!
Bands were in ok condx, I expected much better signals to the west coast on
both 20 and 40, but condx seemed to be very good to west coast on 80. Only
worked 1 station on 10 on the west coast during the test and I think I made a
bad decision spending so much time on 20 and not starting on 15m. The bands
were exceptionally quiet here in the Catskills which really helped pulling the
weak mobile stations which seemed to be a fair number of. I thought the 100w
limit was successful in  “leveling playing field” which was interesting. Don’t
get me wrong, having this station behind you helps ;)
Truth be told, playing is SSB was a little enjoyable <cough> and maybe playing
in ARRL DX phone might be a possibility this year.
Thanks to Ray W2RE and Lori KB2HZI for inviting me up, feeding me and allowing
me play radio all weekend.
Thanks for NCJ for sponsoring the test.
73 cu in the next one,