A New Beginning

It has been years since I last posted a blog entry on the web. This is most likely a testimate to my limted “free cycles”of building a new business and taking on more of an involved role with my day gig. A few months ago I started cleaning up various loose ends which have been hanging around far much too long. Consolidating or closing online accounts in an attempt to become more organized as we start to move over the hump for 2015. I had decided that it was time to close down the ww2dx.com blog site since the information was old and had not posted in years. Not very long after that I received a number of emails asking why the site was offline.  This reaction was surprising as I never really thought anyone was checking the site, I was wrong. This prompted me to pick it back up and simplify the experience. I removed the old posts that are no longer relevant or interesting. I get some level of peace and clarity when I write so perhaps this will be a type of personal therapy.