Digitizing my Life

I find myself changing the way I do things. Since I have had an iPhone and now the iPad I quickly realize that paper in my life is really non-existant. I recently purchased one of the greatest scanners on the market a Fujitsu ScanSnap and its absolutely perfect. The engineers got it right and I hight recommend this product. Since I got the scanner I have been scanning everything. Bills, receipts, notes, QSL cards and so on. I find myself leveraging all the technologies that bind to the mobile technology realm. I do almost everything from my phone or Ipad, email, surf the web, print, look up bills, invoices, memos, my todo list etc etc, its endless. I recently realized that my stack of Ham rags have been piling up and I simply don’t pick them up. I went digging on the web to see if QST is avail digitally, it is but not really what I was looking for. You can see articles from 2004 and older. I was looking for what I get in my mailbox each month but I want it on my phone or Pad. Well, you can see where I am going here, awesome duplex color scanner and a pile of ham magazines. I found a rail from a rack mounted server and a very sharp utility knife. Lined up the straight edge and started cutting the binders off my QST. At first I was like what are you doing! Is this even ethically acceptable? Once the dust of the binder cleared I started feeding the scanner, here is what I ended up with.

YES! Not only do I now have them digitally, I also had the scanning software figure out all the text so I can search the whole magazine :)

Lets take a look inside.

What? The text seems a little small? No problem, just take two fingers and pinch the screen until the font is easily readable.

Like what you see so far? Here are a few other of my ham mags that I converted.

So, what do you think? Having all your favorite magazines with you everywhere you go. I am now able to catch up on that article that I most likely would have missed sitting on the floor under a billion of other things. Although the paper that was once on the floor in piles is now in the shredder and the contents are at my finger tips.

Are you utilizing mobile technologies? If so, I would like to hear about it.