My First Hackintosh

Decided to play with a cheap Dell mini 10v off of Ebay and install OSX. Has the latest version of OSX 10.6.3 and I also installed VMware Fusion to play with an Array Solutions AIM4170 antenna analyzer for field use.

Update: The Howto

Here is the guide I followed,
works flawlessly (just double check your bios)
The first install will take about an hour

After initial install, run
netbook installer 0.8.3 inside your app folder then reboot.

Then download and run latest netbook installer rc1

Reboot and then go to software update, I would only choose the combo 10.6.3 update at first.
this update will take around 45min so be patient.

I would also run netbook installer one more time after the 10.6.3 update and then reboot just to be safe.


One thought on “My First Hackintosh

  1. I too enjoy using a Hackintosh. I have a 1st gen Core i7 on a Foxconn Inferno Katana board, 8GB Ram running Mountain Lion. Started doing this on Leopard.

    Great looking site, saw you on APRS passing by EN60 and gave you a look. Very 73!

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